Business Cents offers an accurate, friendly, full service payroll. Our flat fee pricing will never leave you surprised at your bill.

We accommodate special requests and last minute needs. Simply report your hours and we take care of the rest! We calculate and manage the filing and funding of all federal, state, and local taxes, as well as handle voluntary deductions, garnishments, accruals, and more. We also offer many additional ancillary products to support you and your business. All of our clients are given access to an HR Essentials portal at no additional cost.

Check out our ancillary services below.

Direct Deposit / Payment

Accurate , timely direct deposits for all employees. All inclusive payroll means no set up or processing fees for Direct Deposits. Solutions for all your employees.

HR Support Center

Business Cents recognizes the very crucial need for HR support and provides all of our clients with an HR support center. This tool helps manage compliance and employee relation issues.

Ledger Import

After your payroll has been processed, you will receive a payroll activity file to import into QuickBooks. Three clicks after every pay run and all of your payroll data will automatically be imported into your ledger.

Payroll Online

Our online system makes it easy to report employee hours, view and store reports and copies of tax filing, and much more.

Time Keep / Attendance

Whether it's a mobile device time tracking or biometric system we have the solutions for your time keeping and attendance needs.

Labor Law Posters

All employers with at least one employee are required to display both federal and state labor law postings. Labor law postings can change at any time of the year, and it is the responsibility of the employer to stay up-to-date.

Pay As You Go Workmans Compensation

Instead of a big upfront Worker's Comp premium down payment followed by time consuming audits and adjustments, you pay premiums gradually and automatically with each payroll. We partner with many companies to ensure you have solutions that best suit your company.

Payroll Partners

We know it takes a team to operate a business. So we have compiled a list of trusted professionals and advisors to aid you in this process.

It’s time to work on your business, not in it.

Truly outsource your office tasks to us.

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What our clients are saying about us...

Business Cents has had an enormous, positive impact on my business. Aside from being exceptionally nice and personable people, Business Cents has taken the burden of everyday book keeping and paper pushing off my plate. It has allowed me more time to focus on my customers and managing the business. Equally as important- they truly understand the dynamics of being a small business owner. Highly recommend!

J Briggs & Co.

After working with Business Cents for 6 years I honestly can not imagine how I could run my small business without them. They deal with all the red tape so I don’t have to. The whole team is super friendly and proactive so I don’t miss important any deadlines. Even though I only have a few employees find their full-service payroll system worth every penny! They are truly my partner in business and when I need help I call them for some much needed business sense! I highly recommend.

Julie Booras
Heart and Stone Studio
Shrewsbury, MA 01545

Their attention to detail and accommodating personal service is second to none. They are without a doubt my most valued vendor. Without Eric Palmer and his team at Business Cents I would not have been able to grow and expand my restaurant business over the last 6 years.

Adam Hawk
Owner and General Manager
The Baseball Tavern – Boston, MA T’s Pub – Boston, MA
The Lodge Bar & Grill – Randolph, MA
Paolo’s Trattoria – Charlestown, MA

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